Welcome, Adventurers!

Here’s what I believe:

We are here to heal ourselves and in so doing, heal the world.
We are here to shed light abroad in darkness.
We are here to incite peaceful revolutions and revolutionize our definition of peace.
We are here to look our fear in the face, make friends with it, and leverage its wisdom.
We are here to remember our birthright as beings called to lead an insurrection of wild love.
We are here to build a home inside ourselves.
We are here to fiercely advocate on behalf of the voiceless and disenfranchised.
We are here to be incarnations of mercy and compassion.
We are here to breath fire into the bullshit of our time.

I’m here to facilitate healing, add fuel to your fire, and fortify your courage as you step forward on your path. I’m here to hold space for your unfolding, your transformation, your ease and grace, your journey to the most radiant iteration of your soul in this lifetime. I’m here to provide safe passage into the depths of your light.

This journey of yours is precious. We need you. Your voice, your gifts, and your courage in the face of unconsciousness, hatred, and fear. We need you to heal so we can all move closer to awakening.

Listen to the light as it beckons you closer. Lean into its mysteries, its wisdom, and its love. The heart of the divine longs to turn you into a blazing benediction.

What are you waiting for?

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