Pleasure, Creativity, Wealth

 5 Week Exploration for $150  |  Mondays 7:30-8:30pm EST  |  Beginning October 23
Each week we will gather on a call or Zoom. Call-in information will be sent via email after you register.
A recording will arrive via email within 24 hours of each class ending.

Your sacral chakra is the home of money energy. It’s the energy with which you generate life, pleasure, and power. By learning to blend practices to strengthen your mind (so you’re creating what you want instead of what you’re worried about), enrich the energy of your sacral chakra, and increase your sensory and spiritual pleasure you turn on the money tap. By learning to shift your vibration, you magnetize different people, experiences, and income opportunities. By learning to tend your energetic relationship with wealth, you create an empowered relationship with money.

Weekly Themes
+  Sacral Deep Dive & Exquisite Care
+  Communicating with & Relating to Sacral Chakra Energy
+  The Sacral / Mind Partnership: How it Work & How to Leverage It
+  Making, Creating, and Manifesting Through Pleasure & Play
+  Befriending Fear, Doubt, and Other Forms of Resistance &
+ Cultivating Sustainable Resilience, Delight, and Joy

This class is excellent for entrepreneurs or individuals who want to integrate more delight, relaxation, clear thinking and feeling, and tangible wealth generating (on their own terms) into their life and work on a daily basis.

Every week we will explore knowledge, practices, and tools for tapping into the fullest experience of your pleasure, power, creativity, and playful wealth building.

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