Wise Words

2 Hour Interactive Workshop for $29  |  Monday November 27 at 7pm
Each workshop will be held over the phone. |  Access info sent via email after you register.
A recording will arrive via email within 24 hours of the workshop ending.
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“Words are, in my not-so-humble opinion, our most inexhaustible sources of magic.” – J.K. Rowling

Here’s the thing about word magic. It’s actually really simple and practical. Repeated words turn into beliefs which inform external actions and internal perceptions (your reality).  Repeated words = the building blocks of your life. Words are the tool with which you weave your reality.

The being said, words are everywhere. Filling up our minds, screens, and relationships. There’s a lot of yammering out there and in your own head. Some of it gets you where you want to go, some of it is total trash talk, and some of it is mindless babble.

The good news is that you can you choose your words wisely – both internally and externally. I’m guessing there are some areas of your life where this is a snap! It happens easily and effortlessly. Why? Because you’ve naturally (or perhaps very intentionally) figured out how to use your mind as a tool.

For the areas of your life where you’d like to adjust, focus, intentionally create, or lighten up – let’s play!

The Wise Words Workshop is perfect for anyone who:
  • is in the midst of creating, building, or growing something important
  • loves words and wants to leverage them more
  • understands that everything is energy – including language
  • believes that communication creates relationships
  • doesn’t just want to use their words, but use their words
  • believes answers and wisdom reside inside them, not in gurus and “experts”
  • has been hunting for some new tools around intention and manifestation
  • read this description and said “Eureka!”

As you craft your vision for 2018, feeling into the pleasure and purpose of whatever comes next for you, I want to help you choose wise words. Potent words. Words that light fires and move mountains. Words that soothe and delight. Words that incite and evoke. Words that carry your intentions into the coming months with grace, clarity, and sureness. Words that turn your compass. Words that are already inside you, raising their hands to be called on.

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Meet the Host

Hilarie has a Master’s Degree in Interpersonal/Organization Communication and Rhetorical Theory (translation: WORDS both spoken and written) and extensive and training and practice in energy work. She blends the two to help her clients create change and progress at every level of their being that is both powerfully felt and sustainable.