crystalclearwisdomYour energy communicates in movement + sensations,
in metaphor + vision, in memory + music.

Sometimes you need a translator to provide a clear channel
through which your energy can speak and be heard.

Because your whole being is ready
to stop spinning your wheels,
to stop taking action in a fog of indecision and doubt,
to stop directing your energy into stagnation,
and to stop floundering in low-vibration patterns.

Take your next step and build your big vision steeped in peace and lightness, fully resourced, and grounded in your wisdom.


*may these words be a beacon to Heart’s around the globe that are ready to Ascend, to Up-Level, to Expand, to Calibrate, to Remember, to be Fully Awake, to Serve*



Hilarie is a  sacred pathfinder and divine renegade. She lives with double vision of this reality and the many others woven through it. That gift allows her to understand the beautiful, potent languages of your energy.  She helps coaches, change-makers, spiritual seekers, and mystics turn energy messages into usable tools for transforming their stumbling blocks into the foundations for epic lives.