For Speakers

Great speakers bring great words and great energy to their stage.

If you feel called to share your wisdom and knowledge – whether it’s at an intimate retreat of 10 or surrounded by an audience of 10,000 – you are a mighty voice.

When you show up with your energy tuned, prepared, and firmly grounded, you amplify your innate ability to catalyze transformation. You provide a clear internal channel through which your wisdom turns into clear expression. And that’s what you’re after, isn’t it?

I believe in your voice. I believe in its capacity to raise the dead and rouse the sleeping. I believe your voice is essential and vital to those who show up to hear it.

Here’s how I can help embolden your voice:

To create a “blast radius” around you where your natural energy increase can expand and unfurl.
To “bring the zen” and allow any fight/flight/freeze response in your energy field to neutralize.
To hold powerful space and vision for the biggest, boldest version of you to emerge on stage.
To provide the energy for you to calibrate, calm, and integrate post-event.

Magic happens on stage. There’s an opportunity to co-create with your audience, if you’re ready and willing to allow it. You are powerful energetic being, and it’s time to take that ish to an audience and master the energetics of your stage.

Are you with me?

If you are, if something inside you says YES to this, I’d like to have a conversation with you. As in, a face-to-face, voice-to-voice conversation. Please don’t text, email, pm, or dm me about this. Use your voice. Click here to set it up.