Mystical Business is HERE!

Part self-care, part business support, part collective of awesome colleagues specifically designed to deeply serve solopreneurs for $88 a month.

Because you’re not like every other business owner and you deserve support that is as unique, creative, and robust as you and your business want to be.

Because it’s easy to get caught in over-thinking or under-thinking or flailing around and procrastinating when you’re alone with your big, beautiful ideas and to-do lists. Let’s stop that loop in its track and put some energetic traction under your metaphysical feet.

Because life and business gets easier when you stop working in a vacuum and start working among trusted colleagues, start thinking and innovating and taking action with a community around you.

Because your energetic self-care massively impacts your bottom line, more than in any other type of work. Your pleasure and play, use of time, and ability to resource yourself has a direct correlation to job satisfaction and income.

I’m not here to sell you my method. You have your processes to create and learn and they’re not mine. I’m here to give you some consistency, depth, and structure for your self-care, inner growth, and action taking. That’s what mystical business is, a practice-focused (not content-focused) membership for spiritual, conscious solopreneurs like you.

Mystical Business includes:
2 monthly Mystical Business gatherings for “Ask Me Anything” + Mystical Business Practices
1 monthly Medicine Cabinet gathering for group Energy Alchemy
1 exclusive monthly audio for diving deeper into the spiritual side of your self-care and business growth

Come join us, Friend! Click here to chat with me about next steps!