It’s time to start a Cosmic Conversation.

You’ve already discovered that the journey you’re on requires all of You.

The practices of holding back, ignoring, overlooking or avoiding aspect of yourself belong to a bygone age.

You evolve through brave, honest, collaborative conversation. You establish and co-create relationships through talk. Your relationships with Self + Soul are no different. They require conversation, which in turn allows you to create meaning, vision your trajectory, and release the past.

A powerful and productive INTRApersonal conversation invites your energy, emotions, archetypes, future selves, inner child, survivor self, next iteration, soul, light, dark, shadow, body, higher self, divinity, ancestors, past lives, guides in other realms and realities, colors, shapes, chakras, business, service, and Source to take part.

Sessions with Hilarie are roundtables for all the dialects and layers of You to come together and collaborate on Your evolution. Whether they need to heal, dissolve, be heard, or share their wisdom and vision – this is Your opportunity for full expression.

Sessions with Hilarie are safe places where You can unleashing the purest power of Your Soul Voice – as wild, as uncomfortable, as tender, as soft or loud as it needs to be to take you where you need to go.

A session may yield:

+ your next action step

+ an uplevel for the energetics of your business/service
+ stretching a tight emotional muscle
+ multidimensional healing
+ allowing the experience of transcendence
+ deepening into your ascension
+ finding an answer/ah-ha you’ve been looking for
+ birthing a new idea
+ shedding a mask or old way of being
+ healing of a legacy wound
+ excavating your truth
+ hearing from a previously silent aspect of You
+ peaceAny number of experiences and outcomes can emerge from Sacred Conversation. Trust that your Light knows the way, knows exactly what needs to be revealed and seen, what needs to be heard and understood, what needs to be resolved or anchored into your daily experience.

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You’re here. it’s time.

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Option 1 :: Monthly Membership ($179/month)

  • 60-90 minute one-on-one phone session with Hilarie per month
  • unlimited email and text support
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  • daily multidimensional energetic support

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Option 2 :: Individual Revelation Session ($250/each)

  • 90-120 minute one-on-one phone session with Hilarie
  • 7 days of post-session text and email support
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Hilarie is an INTRApersonal Communication Facilitator, Energy Whisperer, Divine Correspondent, and Wisdom Channeler. She grounds in this reality and works in many dimensions. That gift allows her to hear and understand the subtle dialects and powerful voices of Self, Soul, and Universe within you.  She is committed to helping coaches, change-makers, spiritual seekers, and mystics turn their inner voices into usable tools of transformation and service.