Welcome, Wise One!

Imagine a gorgeous dinner party under the stars.
Your name in calligraphy on a place card.
The conversation ebbs and flows. Infused water fills gold-rimmed glasses.
Laughter rises and tears fall. Fragrant food fills plates. Sunlight casts a golden glow.

You are both co-creator and full participant at this gathering.

You are wrapped in the warmth of sisterhood.
Pure sisterhood beyond competition and comparison.

Your spirit is lifted and revived by the women around you, all gathered together for a common purpose: to speak their sacred dialects, immerse themselves in support, and dare to use their gifts.

The table is set. We need you here, Wise One. Wide awake. Fully engaged.
So we can refine our wisdom, grace, and love – our myriad gifts – in service of this world.

Here, you can fully reveal your spiritual journey.
Here, your mystical visions are encouraged and honored.

Here, you are never too much for us to handle.

Here, you are Gifted.

Here, we see your superpowers.
Here we change the fabric of our reality.

Here we dance with the Divine and explore the Holy.


This year we gather together.
Free. Sacred. Sovereign.

The Wisdom Council
a one year soul-centered community experience beginning April 2017

You’ll receive:
Monthly Council Call a live gathering so we can share and support.
Monthly Meditation created by Hilarie and sent to you in written and audio format.
Private Digital Salon like a virtual living room for conversations, questions, and community.
Two Virtual Retreats all the material delivered to your inbox + live digital gatherings.
Monthly Newsletter carefully curated to inspire, evoke, and deepen your journey.
Virtual Library stocked with custom links, articles, tutorials, and information to explore at your leisure.

Ready to gather?


Hilarie is a  sacred pathfinder and divine renegade. She works with double vision of this reality and the many others woven through it. That gift allows her to understand the beautiful, potent languages of your energy.  She helps coaches, change-makers, spiritual seekers, and mystics turn energy messages into usable tools for transforming their stumbling blocks into the foundations for epic lives.