You’re flourishing.

You build your business, serve your clients, & enjoy a deeply satisfying lifestyle. Your work enables you to travel and play and take exquisite care of yourself.

The foundation of this magnificent life is your inner work. The tending of which keeps you in rhythm, always going deeper and growing richer.

As you evolve in service and relationships, inevitably challenges arise. Maybe you’re experiencing one of those challenges right now. It’s especially sticky because it’s crafted just for you and it knows just how to trigger you and pull you into a holding pattern.

Imagine having a devoted and emotionally impartial collaborator on-call to listen, hold space, and alchemize your energy, so that holding pattern doesn’t get a foothold in your life?

I’ll help optimize your energetics, so you can experience smoother evolution, faster results, and deeper fulfillment while you flourish.

I’ll support the energetics of creativity, decisiveness, discernment, joy, mastery, and grace.

Alchemist-in-Residence combines daily energy infusion, transmission and translation of your energy’s wisdom, and when-you-need-it sessions.

This service is particularly well suited to entrepreneurs, creatives, and coaches who have a robust business on the verge, or in the midst, of an up-level.

Tell me how you’re up-leveling: