You’re avoiding.

That one thing you really need to be doing, the one thing that is really going to make a difference and you just can’t seem to pull your courage, focus, energy or time together to make it happen.

When you look at it you know in your mind that it’s simple and yet. . . you still avoid.

This, my friend, is resistance and it’s a beast.

If you’ve been trying to do that one thing (manage your finances, write that letter to your dad, file for your corporation) for weeks, months, or longer its time to recognize what you’re doing ISN’T WORKING.

If you’re like the dozens of other people I’ve helped with this problem, the thing that you’re avoiding is also the biggest bottleneck in your life. It’s constantly in the back of your mind, nagging and taking up mental space.

How much better, easier, and more free would you feel if it was done?

Here’s the truth: You might be able to do this one thing but the problem is a whole lot bigger.  The part of you that is resisting needs support and even if you can muster all your courage to power through this one situation, something else is going to show up and the cycle will repeat.

You need help.  It’s not bad to need help. It’s actually really freeing to recognize it and own that truth.

The part of you that is resisting can’t do this by itself.  It formed some fears early in your life that arrested your development.  So the “you” that needs to write this letter to your dad or sort out your finances is probably about 3 years old and throwing a tantrum.

What I want to do is hold space, lend energy, and let you know that you are safe, because that part of you trying to make this happen feels really unsafe, even if that defies logic.

You may be thinking this sounds trivial. I promise it is not.

In fact, that voice telling you it sounds trivial is what’s keeping you stuck!

The part of you stuck in resistance doesn’t have enough energy to meet the demand of completing this task because it feels too big, too scary, too intense.  You need 2 people worth of energy. That’s where I come in clear, focused, detailed and committed to helping you achieve your outcome.

If any part of you says “yes” to this…


or tell me about your resistance:


I am a roadblock buster, a resistance melter, an un-stucker and I love watching the magic that happens when people go through this process with me.  I can’t wait to witness your magic and watch you life flash forward.