Dear Divine Man,

Have you ever thought you found the core of an “issue” only to discover more layers to work through?

How about that time you experienced an incredible revelation or ascension with a practitioner or at a conference, retreat, or mastermind and then found yourself so overwhelmed by it or entrenched in old habits or freaked out by its potency and potential that you surrendered its power – buried it, forgot it, diminished it, doubted it.

And what about that thing you know it’s time to work on, like finances, body mastery, past wounds, or self-devotion, because you keep stumbling over it again and again?

How would it feel to finally address that, unknot it, and move past it? How would it feel if that thing never weighed on your mind or heart ever again? How would that change your life?

The blueprints for that life are already in you.
The schematic is alive and well.

I want help you dissolve layers. Bring blocks into the light. Bind brokenness. Find a resting place for frenetic energy and confusion. Melt resistance. Allow your vision to flash into focus.

Through the course of this work, we will invite the King to ascend his throne, the Warrior to master battle, the alchemist and magician and mystic to step into transformative service, the Lover to create space for earth-quaking intimacy, and the trickster and disrupter and revolutionary to incite.

Are you ready to engage your whole self in a mighty evolution?

Alchemy happens when your process is fully seen and trusted by the feminine, embodied not in the form of mother, friend, or lover, but rather a powerful collaborator.

Many of us need reminding: when the full spectrum of masculine and feminine energies come together, that’s when we evolve. It’s the synergy of co-creation that moves us into epic and uncharted territories, beyond our plans and projections, beyond our stuff, beyond our self.

I’m not here to tell you how you need to change or offer tips and tricks for being a better you. Google that shit.

This is a partnership in which you can be exactly where you are, trusting the trajectory of your growth, and going deep into the energetics of your life.

This work is not for the faint of heart, the man who longs for a sports car more than he longs for connection, or the man who believes his personal style needs to evolve before his consciousness, or the man who strives to control instead of care.

This work is for the man ready to sink his teeth into the challenges ahead.

This work is for the man who is in the process of dismantling the matrix of false-selves, fear, doubt, unworthiness, settling and smallness built into his life, the man who bravely quests for awareness, for soul-bearing vulnerability, for multi-dimensional wealth, for deep awakening and laser-focused clarity.

If those words makes you stand a little straighter or breathe a little deeper or invokes your Sacred Masculine, you’re in the right place.

Tell me what you’re hungry for: