Hey, Lovely Yes & Yes Reader!

I am so glad you’re here! Sarah creates such a delightful nook on the internet and it’s an absolute pleasure to meet the bright souls who join her there.

Here’s what I think: it’s no accident that you’re reading these words. It’s a nudge from your life. Consider this an invitation to decide if it’s your moment to keep treading water or step forward with a clear sense of purpose, a healed heart, and inner freedom.

I’d never experienced Energy Healing before so I had absolutely no idea what to expect. Hilarie is warm, capable, and incredibly professional. A lovely experience for anyone who will open themselves up to it. – Sarah Von Bargen

I know there’s a lifestyle you want. Maybe it’s full of travel and work that lights you up, or the time and resources to host dinner parties and brunch soirees and not feel exhausted at the end, or maybe it’s the desire to give big and feel useful in the world.  No matter what that life looks like, energy medicine helps you claim and create it.

My visit with Hilarie was exactly what I needed to provide the necessary release and renewal so I can move forward unencumbered. I do not believe that words can fully capture the transformation that took place for me, the evidence is in my every thought, movement, and expression. – N.M.

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Each session gets better and more clarifying. I left my last session feeling lighter, more balanced and humming with life.  – T.P.

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