The Secret to Conquering Fear

Fear is tricky business, mostly because it can creep in and control us, even when we’re not aware of it. As this project grows and my body love journey progresses through stages I never imagined, fear often sneaks in behind vulnerability. It thrives in the darkness and shadows of excuses. The secret to conquering fear? Call it out into the light.

I like to start by actually saying “I’m scared” out loud. Sometimes I say it over and over again like a mantra. Sometimes I shout it. Then I hang out with it. That’s right. I get uncomfortable and quiet and spend time with the fear. The longer I spend (sometimes it doesn’t take very long) the more my fear feels like a deflating air mattress. The surface begins the crumble. It can’t hold weight anymore. Pretty soon it’s flat and lifeless. That’s when I send it a blessing for reminding me that I am worthy of fully feeling all my emotions, even when they’re uncomfortable, and I walk away.

Fear is a compass. Fear tells us where to dig deeper, love harder, and summon more courage. Fear affords us an opportunity to engage with the power of our humanity.

p.s. fear and resistance often go hand-in-hand. Click here to learn how to melt your resistance and alchemize your fear.