Calling all self-educated light workers,
cosmically curious change agents,
and perpetually almost-ing visionaries.

It’s no mistake that you’re here.

I’d like to invite you into your very own transformation montage. You know those gorgeous movie scenes all spliced together, usually with exciting music in the background, that makes you believe for a moment that change is full of ease and excitement? Well, every once in a while that happens in real life.


Climb in to the practical mysticism of Energy Medicine through The Enchanted Forest, an energetic space and etheric state where you will learn, experiment, alchemize, transform, and play like you’ve never done before.

You’ll learn to be your own energy worker and light weaver. You’ll learn tangible skills and powerful techniques to easily integrate into your life and share with friends, family, customers, and clients. You’ll learn to hear the voice of the Universe speak within you and how to tune your senses to the web of energy around and within you.

The Modules

One :: Connecting to Source + Sensing and Shifting Your Energy
Two :: Vibrational Ethics, Energy Anatomy, and Spiritual Darkness
Three :: Understanding, Setting, and Maintaining Energetic Boundaries
Four :: Advanced Ground and Clearing Techniques
Five :: Living and Applying Energy Work in Daily Life
Six ::  Working with the Energetics of Creation and Abundance

While these areas of study provide guidance and structure, the curriculum is highly customized based on your unique interests, needs, curiosities, and challenges. The entire program emphasizes understanding your Energy Ecology, or personal energy field, as the foundation of everything you’ll learn, integrate, and implement.

During each module, you will acquire techniques, develop skills, deepen your wisdom, and enhance your knowledge to navigate life with greater ease, understanding, power, and grace.

Think of The Enchanted Forest as a life skills course for the fifth dimension.


Timeline :: 12 one-on-one sessions, 90 minutes each, scheduled over 6 Months

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