The Anatomy of Resistance


Resistance | Hilarie Mae Energy Medicine

At the beginning of every Energy Therapy session, I go through an inner routine: centering, grounding, attunement. Centering allows me to fully inhabit my body. It’s the practice of stretching my soul into the farthest reaches of my fingertips and toes. Centering reifies who I am and how I want to feel during the session. It enables me to keep a crisp boundary between your energy and mine. Grounding often consists of imagining actual roots growing deeper into the ground and anchoring around the fiery earth center. The final step, attunement, is all about you. It’s when I step into your energy field and vibration. It’s the first time I fully feel what’s going on in your chakric system. Those first few seconds feel like the tuning of an orchestra. A beautiful cacophony of emotions, stories, and scars, some clearer than others.

After that first sequence, I check your Chakras with my pendulum and begin to clear, align, heal, and create. The work tends to flow seamlessly as your energy field shifts and responds to intentions and movement. However, in almost every session there’s a split second when I want to run away from the task at hand. That’s the moment I relish most because it tells me I’m standing toe to toe with your resistance. As with any practice, your place of resistance is a barrier to work through and a compass pointing to where needs the most attention. Meeting your resistance allows me to identify your places of deepest need and figure out how to best meet those needs and set you free.

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