Root Chakra (Muladhara)

Sanskrit: Muladhara (meaning “root” or “support”)
Location: Base of the spine and perineal floor
Body: Etheric
Gland: Adrenals
Physical manifestations: stress responses, leg/foot issues, elimination, physical body as a whole.
Purpose: survival or will to live and physical health
Focus: physical functioning, sensation, grounding, habits, and instincts
Statement: “I have…” or “I feel…” related to body and physicality

The root chakra grounds your energy. Much like a lightning rod conducts electricity (energy) into the earth, your root chakra does the same for you!

The root chakra is primarily concerned with physical survival. Your root responds any time, brief or extended, that you feel unsafe. This can include unhealthy relationships, major life changes, long-term or frequent traveling, a lack of quiet time without screens or other stimulation, and a lack of time in nature, among many other possibilities.

As our culture and lifestyle has evolved in the western world, survival focus often shifts to support focus. For example, when the root chakra does not need to worry about ensuring we find our next meal it can refine its focus to the right kind of meal that feels fully supportive, high vibrational, and in alignment with what your body’s desires and needs.

Conversing with the Root Chakra

Start a conversation with your root chakra on paper, with your voice, or in your head and ask a few questions. Start with: Where in my life is it time to step out of survival and into support?

Nourishing the Root Chakra

Stand on the ground outside or brick or rocks inside.
Stomp your feet.
Seek out places or people that make you feel especially supported and spend some time there/with them.
Notice the difference between practicing self-care and self-comfort.
Foot bath, pedicure, or foot massage.
Read about and experiment with Mula Bandha Breath.

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