This gentle, powerful journey is designed to help you resolve patterns or pain throughout your lifetimes, lineage, and non-linear timelines.

Please note: this intensive is not designed to heal everything. How could it, right? Rather, it’s designed to address what’s most present or pressing to you right now. Not to worry, if you can’t identify what that is, it will become clear in the first couple weeks. Your energy will speak volumes and we’ll listen, together. This program is an opportunity to sift out what is ripest for healing in you and provide what’s ripe with the resources to resolve, dissolve, neutralize, and transform.

The seven stages:

(1) Container Creation :: Setting up a clean, safe inner and outer space for the healing process.

(2) Grounded in the Now :: Body & Life Awareness in the healing process, resource management, and taking stock of current states, desires, boundaries.

(3) An Invitation to Guides :: Calling in the helpers best suited, most willing, and most able to support the healing process, both mystical and material.

(4) The Edges of Healing :: Feeling into what’s present, what’s asking for attention, and starting the conversation.

(5) The Heart of Healing :: The mending, the transformation, the practice of seeing what’s really there.

(6) The Heart of Healing Cont. :: Layer exploration and mending. An invitation to wholeness.

(7) Integrating Grace :: fostering function after wholeness, visioning what comes next, and preparing for

You’ll receive:

A weekly video to guide through and get you started with the week’s purpose
A weekly guided meditation tailored to each week’s theme
A weekly private 45 minute session with HilarieIf this resonates with you, let’s talk! Click here to schedule a free exploration call to see if it’s the right fit.