The Medicine Cabinet Membership

It’s sweet and simple: group energy alchemy.

Here’s how it works: for $50 a month you have access to two live monthly gatherings on Zoom where we’ll tend to our energy, while I tend the energy of the group.

You are welcome to attend both gatherings, only one, or sign up and receive the benefits without joining us live.

This is an excellent supplement to sessions with me or as a stand-alone form of self-care that is easy, rich, and sustainable.

This offering is only available for a six month commitment. Why?

Because consistency = miracles. And I know you want more miracles.

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This is made for you if…

+ you want sustainable growth that deepens and sticks around, not a flash in the personal development pan that fades in a day or week.

+ you crave community that is safe, dynamic, and wise.

+ you require support that doesn’t demand massive time, financial, or energetic commitments.

+ you long for self-care that actually fills you up and sends you out into the world deeply nourished.

+ you need time and space to integrate the tools you’ve got, to turn them into superpowers.

+ you spend a lot of your time and energy supporting others within your family and/or a service oriented job.

+ you are an empath, mystic, or HSP practicing moving through the world with more self-compassion, self-protection, and better energetic hygiene.

+ you understand that the more alive and happy you are, the better quality of life you have and the more you can offer the world

Once registered, you’ll be prompted to register for upcoming sessions. All access information will be in your confirmation and reminder emails.

*if you work with me 2+ hours each month, I’m gifting you The Medicine Cabinet for FREE! Send me an email to get access!