go ever green

It’s so simple. Consistency = Sustainable Change. There’s not magic pill or quick fix. When you have the resources you need, your life moves forward in gentle, positive, and often miraculous ways. But that doesn’t happen with sporadic support, support that’s squeezed in every three months or six months when you think of it. I’ve noticed that energy support works best when it’s weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly – consistently for a period of time. Like coaching, therapy, exercise, building wealth, raising a child, making art… it doesn’t happen if you only engage in it once. It requires devotion. Your life force requires devotion to carry you clearly and powerfully through the seasons of your life. Energy work is one way to devote and resource.

Evergreen is a energy membership, so you can receive consistent support for your energy field and whatever outer experiences you’re navigating.

You set up a monthly or bi-weekly auto-pay and receive:

+ monthly energy session(s)
+ access to Hilarie via text and email during business hours for encouragement, perspective, and suggestions

Your Evergreen Membership can be put on hold if you need to skip a month or week or cancelled anytime with 30 days notice.

Click here to activate your Evergreen membership.

Looking for something custom, like 90 minutes a month, or have questions?  Send me a email and we’ll get it sorted!