A Warrior Priestess

Warrior Priestess | Hilarie Mae

Sometimes the words of war are all I have to describe
those moments when Evil holds its foot to my throat.
No longer a stalking shadow, but a snarling presence
hell bent on my entrapment.
Self-doubt, paralyzing fear, immobilizing poison flowing towards me.
I can smell it acrid on the air, the thick scent of my own destruction.

It touches against my skin and shudders away,
for I am a Daughter of the Light,
a bearer of brightness
twinkling from every curve of my consciousness
and burning away the battle field.

The Divine says, “Nothing can take you from me.”

It is my destiny to stand guard at the door between
this heartbreakingly fragile reality and the battle fields beyond.

Armored. Watchful. Ablaze.

I walk the wall of the inner kingdom.
A temple priestess, born with the sinewy fearlessness of defense.
A warrior priestess, not of this world, but etheric and eternal.

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