you are beauty at the edge

photo credit | Nana B Agyei

photo credit | Nana B Agyei

My favorite kind of prayer is the kind that prays me:

There is beauty at the edge.
The way your fingertips tremble.
The way your toes curl around the corner where rock falls away.
The way peace passes between your lips.
The way commitment sets your jaw.
You are beauty at the edge.
Leap into Love.
Don’t get trapped in anticipation.
Let it form and dissolve
as your feet leave the earth.
Hurl your beautiful body into gossamer air.
Air that rejoices in
your courageous heart
your breathless lungs
your declaration of truth.
Air that whistles and whispers against
your enchanting neck
your curving spine
your graceful hips.
Air that supports
your vaulting forward
your tumbling out into everything
your falling into elegant newness.

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