Inexactly What You Get From Energy Medicine

2895860359_b1c999b2ae_zEvery marketer ever believes that entrepreneurs and business owners must inform clients and customers of the results they’ll get from a product or service. Seems pretty logical, right? However, that presents a problem when it comes to Energy Medicine. To be honest, I don’t know exactly what you’ll get out of it, or how drastically your life will change. I can’t give you a bulleted list of quantifiable outcomes. It’s impossible to predict the intensity of your expansion or the richness of your transformation.

What I do know, is that you’ll never be the same.
You’ll shed your soul-skin countless times in the days to come.
You’ll hear the voice of God whisper in your bones.
You’ll be drenched in the light of your Divinity.
You’ll be wooed by a path you’ve only caught glimpses of until now.
You’ll stand face to face with ravenous desire.
You’ll weep over wounds.
Not long after, you’ll press fingertips into glistening scar tissue.
You’ll discover super-human strength that leaves you shocked and breathless.
You’ll surrender to a river of miracles that draws you into a current of clarity.
You’ll reach into the depths of your rage, hear its grievances and fears, and feel it shake the earth.
You’ll find what breaks your heart and what pisses you off and use them like compasses.
Life will break you open and spill love everywhere.

I can’t say exactly what you’ll get. But I promise you’ll get exactly what you need. I promise you’ll change the landscape of your inner life. I promise you’ll fall deeper in love with your humanity through your divinity.

photo credit :: Hartwig HKD

One thought on “Inexactly What You Get From Energy Medicine

  1. Manisha says:

    This is so beautifully said and so true! You never know what’s on the other side of energy medicine… so much beauty and discomfort all at the same time.. I would never trade my experience with it for anything in the world. It’s continues to help me connect to my most authentic self… over and over again..

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