A Truth of Energetic Boundaries

Energetic Boundaries | Hilarie Mae

During a session, I often close my eyes and slip out of this layer of reality and into another. This happens most often when I’m addressing the spacial aspects of a client’s energy. Their limits, edges, boundaries and pathways come into vivid visibility in my inner sight. The other day, in a session with an Embership participant, I felt into the outermost reaches of her self/field. This is what happened:

My fingertips tingle. It feels like tiny sparks are flying out from beneath my nails.
The pull of her field draws my eyelids closed and my attention deep into another dimension.
I’m standing on a lawn, lush and manicured, surrounded by an 8 foot hedge.
It’s her permeable boundary. It’s the gentle, living edge of her deepest self.
It stands alone. She needs more.
I ask for more on her behalf, feeling into the far reaches of her energy.
Trees materialize beyond the hedges. Massive, ancient oaks and maples.
Their whispers weave an impenetrable web of fortified gossamer threads.
As their whispering grows firmer and more sure, I lift out.
Her field becomes secure and self-contained, its own universe.

Here is a core truth about boundaries: the strength, intensity, elasticity and integrity of your energetic boundaries create and inform your reality. When you take the time to build a safe, sure container for your life, your perception and experience of the world around and within you shifts.

Any situation or experience that makes you feel emotionally unsafe or drained is prompting you to examine your boundaries.

photo by Kosala Bandara

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