How to Use Pinterest to Meditate

Pinterest Meditation | Hilarie Mae


Confession: I am Pinterest obsessed.

However, unlike many typical users that primarily file away recipes and DIY home improvement projects, I like to use it primarily as a tool for meditation. (In the interest of full disclosure, I also pin recipes and DIY home improvement projects because I can’t ignore salted carmel mocha brownies or reclaimed wood tables.)

It started around the time that I created this board of quotes. Words have always enchanted me. I have a masters degree in Interpersonal/Organization Communication and Rhetorical Theory because deconstructing our use of words thrills me.  Written, spoken, and body language are essential to our humanity and our divinity. They’re the many lenses through which we experience and express.

Since that first substantial board, a practice has emerged around pinning. As an air sign (Gemini), a chronic lucid dreamer, an energy worker, and a celestial warrior, many of my experiences happen through my soul in a reality far beyond this world. It’s easy for me to lift out of this life and feel dazed, out of touch, and ungrounded, like I’m trying to run forward while suspended still in mid-air.

I do a lot of grounding practices. I hug trees. I stand on the earth and dig my toes into the ground. I connect my energy to the earth’s core and let it draw my field back into my body. However, that doesn’t always resonate. And it’s not always practical, say during a blizzard or when I’m too ungrounded to even think about sitting quietly in a more traditional meditation. My senses are too heightened to simply reground.

That’s where Pinterest comes in. I have created boards that focus exclusively on forests and animals (and one just for horses). As fantasy-inspired as some of the images may be, they bring me back down into the smell of moss and the feeling of a horse’s velvet nose pressed against my neck. They offer a re-entry into my earth-bound body taking in and conversing with the physical world around me.

And then there are my reminder boards, for moments when I feel lost, despairing, hopeless or confused. I can turn to a board for my most essential self, a board for my yearly theme, or a board for my most profound desire. Each one awakens my truth, drawing me deeper into alignment with and awareness of my foundation.

Despite my best efforts, sometimes my view of this human experience darkens and I crave beauty. You know those times when you just want to stare in wonderment at something? In addition to an actual wonderment board, I also use this sacred geometry board and this crystalline board to steep my sight in beauty.

Sometimes the meditation practice is the action of pinning. Curation is a powerful use of the ability to choose. It’s a way to say a small, holy yes to what brings light to life. Other times the meditation practice is in gazing. Sometimes I’ll look at a single image or a series of images for 10 or 15 minutes, letting the beauty and magic of whatever I’m looking at wash over me again and again. As I look at a picture or drawing, I notice where it shifts my energy. I ask myself what feeling(s) it evokes and why it makes me feel calmer, lighter or stronger.

The best part of this practice? It starts with an app on my phone that goes with me almost everywhere. That means no matter where I am, I always have access to a tool that can call me home to myself when I feel far, far away.

What’s your favorite meditation tool or practice?

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