My Secret Weapon for Releasing the ‘Ick’


You know what I mean by “ick,” right? Ick is a totally unpleasant cocktail of heavy, hopeless, empty, angry, guilty, overwhelmed, and sad. The ratios might change, but at the end of the day it all feels awful. Maybe there’s something specific bringing on the ick, like a project you’re avoiding or an area of your life that feels stuck.

It’s easy to look at social media lives and think your fellow humans skate along in a cloud of joy, perfectly processing all their negative feelings and energy. Don’t be fooled.

Before I launch something new, face a fear, or accept a challenge, there are often days or weeks of wading through the muck of resistance. The sneakiest characteristic of resistance is it’s ability to put blinders on you. It tricks you into thinking the only possible outcome is eternal paralysis. Again, so not true.

When I get into that funk of resistance and the ick starts creeping in, I turn to The Golden Ocean. It’s a simple visualization really, but it’s rich and vivid enough to expand in my mind, giving me a bright blast radius of spaciousness and room to breathe.

Here’s how it goes:

Stretch out somewhere comfortable and quiet. (Sunlight helps, but it’s not a requirement.)

Close your eyes. Loosen your hold on reality. It’ll still be here when you’re ready.

Imagine yourself on a beach. Smell the salt and sand. Feel a breeze.

Look at the water sprawling out in front of you. It’s reflecting the sunshine.. but there’s something more.

The sun is catching flakes, sparkles, swirls and swaths of golden light.

Wade, then swim out into the water. Let it carry you.

Now float. Trust the elements around you. Let all that golden light surround and remind you of radiance.

Feel the gold-infused water lap at your collar bone and hips.

Allow the light to move closer, slipping around your bones and snuggling up to your muscles,

coating and mingling with the energy of each of your chakras.

As the gold seeps in, notice how your body feels.

Let the light come between you and anything that feels heavy or harsh.

Let the light carry it away through the water.

You are surrounded and permeated by light.

You are the power of light.

Rest in your radiance.

Rest in your power.

Take your time in the golden ocean. Listen to it. Feel it.

Contain it.

Breathe and return.

Bring it with you when you emerge back into your reality.

Do you have any foolproof tools or visualizations for shaking of the ick when it threatens to take over? I’d love to hear them!

photo by Edmund Garman

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