A Love Letter to Your Awakening

Brave Soul,

There will always be a reason to forsake yourself. There will always be a thousand excuses to leave this work behind, slip into numbness, and fall back to sleep. Deep pockets in the world want to lull you. The sleep walkers have created all kinds of distractions and stressors and triggers to keep your attention caught. Remember, they don’t see the light like you do. They don’t know your body like you do. They don’t hear the voice of your soul like you do.

There comes a time, often more than once for the wild ones, when you must choose the soul and its tenacious truth rather than any other paths. There comes a time to shed the shrouds of culture and story line and sing into your depths, waking there the embers that keep hearts beating. You must step surely and lightly on the ground, feeling each spec of dirt and rock supporting your form. You must go hunting for your essential self and be prepared to embrace it fiercely when you meet. You must ready your life for fire.

Chose to love your body and soul today. Notice what love ignites.

Hilarie Mae

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