Dare alla Luce: Light, Birth and Body Love

photo by Glow Boudoir

Some little girls dream of becoming princesses or veterinarians. I dreamt of becoming a midwife and walking with women as they balanced the line between life and death to birth. How they contained a contradiction fascinated me deeply. Eve Ensler described a moment during her daughter-in-law’s birth when “we couldn’t take our eyes out of that place.” I’ve realized throughout my life that I can’t take my eyes away from birth either. It captivates me. I am indeed called to walk that line with people, but not always literally.

We live the contradictions and cycles and struggles and bliss of birth everyday. We are made with that energy of becoming texturing the fiber of our being, body and soul.

In Italian, birth is dare alla luce, which means to give to the light.  Each time I step in front of Chelse’s camera, I give myself over to the light. The truth is, body love and self love are something we birth into world everyday. Just like birth, loving your body, and creating the energetics of self-compassion, are simultaneously miraculous and perfectly ordinary. Sometimes it’s quiet, tiny victories that flash inside you like lightening bugs. Sometimes it’s a bold and glorious ascension into your own mystical divinity.

No matter what it looks like, birth is always a practice of surrender. Surrendering to the present moment. Surrendering to your truth. Surrendering to pain and discomfort. Surrendering to change. Surrendering to the light of your being. Surrendering to love.

When you feel yourself hanging on for dear life, give yourself over to the light.

Much love,
Hilarie Mae

p.s. if you find yourself holding on tight, click here to loosen up.

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